Treatments for ROP

Laser Treatment: A laser is used to create small burns in the outer areas of the retina to slow or reverse abnormal blood vessel growth.1,2

Injected Medication: Medications called vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) inhibitors, also known as anti-VEGF agents, are injected into the eye.2 They interfere with the signals that promote abnormal blood vessel growth, stop the formation of abnormal blood vessels and prompt their regression.3-7 This may allow normal blood vessels to grow to the edge of the retina.7 Anti-VEGF medication aflibercept received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in early 2023, making it the first approved anti-VEGF therapy available for the treatment of premature infants with ROP.8 Additional anti-VEGF medications continue to be studied for treatment of ROP.9

Freezing Treatment (Cryotherapy): A cold instrument is used to freeze affected parts of the retina to stop abnormal blood vessel growth.10,11

Surgery (Vitrectomy, scleral buckle): A surgery may be needed to repair the retina if it peels away from the back of the eye (retinal detachment).12 A silicone support band, called a scleral buckle, may be used to maintain the retina in proper position.13


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